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Music was my first love
And it will be my last
Music of the future.
And music of the past

To live without my music
Would be impossible to do
In this world of troubles
My music pulls me through

( Music.  John Miles 1976 )


Para aquellos a los que, además de ir viendo el paisaje, les gusta ir escuchando música, esta puede convertirse en una excelente fuente motivacional en el momento de empezar la carrera, en un estimulante fisilógico natural cuando ya nos hemos puesto en marcha, y en un poderoso aliado psicológico en los momentos de más fatiga.

La música resulta un excelente aliado motivacional para nuestros entrenamientos que nos entretiene, nos anima y que hace volar nuestra imaginación. No es difícil adivinar, además,  que escuchando lo que más nos gusta, podemos disminuir la percepción que tenemos sobre el esfuerzo que estamos realizando y el cansancio que vamos acumulando...


Escoger el tipo de música es cosa de cada uno, pero si lo que queremos es motivarnos y generar energía tenemos que buscar canciones alentadoras. Hay grupos que son verdaderos maestros en este tipo de composiciones como los Muse, The Killers,… o bandas más “duras” como Nightwish o Epica… También hay algunas bandas sonoras que nos ponen la piel de gallina (Rocky o Gladiator son dos claros ejemplos). Si lo que buscamos es relajación mientras corremos a un ritmo más pausado, podemos recurrir a canciones más suaves o melódicas.

La mayoría de personas se suele conformar con las canciones más comerciales de cada grupo, que son las que escuchamos una y otra vez en la radio... Como que estas pueden resultar “cansinas”, a base de escucharlas repetidamente,  propongo ir un poco más allà en cuanto a sensibilidad musical y he recopilado  una serie de temas, puede que  no tan conocidos, pero que, igualmente, pueden remover estados de ánimo. No está de más ser un poco más selectos a la  hora de seleccionar la lista de canciones para entrenar... 

Asi pues, os presento un listado de canciones  para renovar vuestra discografía y salir a correr…  No todas son rollo “what a feeling…”, porque no solo de Flashdance vamos a vivir los corredores… Las hay de todos los tipos y para todos los gustos: powersongs,  épicas, potentes, alegres, tristes, optimistas, pesimistas, ligeras, depresivas, pegadizas, sinfónicas, desconcertantes, rarezas, antiguas, modernas,… i estan clasificadas por estilos de música i época,... En fin, las mejores para salir a correr... Posiblemente.


David Bowie: Modern Love, Live in Mars, Heroes, Starman, The man who sold the world
Elton John : I need to turn to, First episode at Hienton, Someone save my life tonight,
                   Seasons, Skyline Pigeon, Your song, Tiny dancer, Candle in the wind,
                   Sorry seems to be the hardest word,  Carla/Etude
Art Garfunkel : Bright Eyes
John Denver : Annie´s Song
Lou Reed: Perfect day
Velvet Underground: All tomorrow parties, I´ll be your mirror, Sunday Morning
T-Rex: Children of the Revolution
Thin Lizzy: Whiskey in the jar
Fleetwood Mac: Go your own way, Monday Morning, Sara, Songbird, Landslide
Led Zepellin: Starway to Heaven
Beach Boys: God only Knows, Sloop John B.
Queen : Don´t stop me now
Bob Dylan: Hurricane, One more cup of cofee
Beatles: Hey Jude, Across the Universe, The Long and Winding Road, Mother nature son,
Rod Steward: Reason to Believe, Maggie May, You Wear it Well
Billy Joel: Piano Man
Queen: Now I´m Here, Bohemian Raphsody, Love of my life, The seven seas of  Rhye, 
            Don’t Stop me now


Elton John: Funeral for a friend/Loves Lies bleeding,
Camel : Mystic Queen, Never Let Go, Nimrodel, Echoes
Genesis: Firth of Fifth, The Cinema Show, Supper´s Ready, Time Table, Stagnation, 
             The Musical Box, Seven Stones, Dancing with the Moonlit Knight
Pink Floyd: Arnold Layne, See Emily Play, Julia dream, Cirrus Minor
Renaissance: The sisters, The captive heart, Ashes are burning, Let It grow, 
                    Jeckyl & Hide
Joy : Apollo 100
The Moody Blues: Story in your eyes, My song, Nights of white satin
Procol Harum: Whiter Shade of Pale
King Crimson: Starless, Lady of the dancing water, Epitaph, Prelude:song of the Gulls, 
                      Islands, The night watch
Beatles: A day in the life
Barclays James Harvest: Mocking Bird
Electric Light Orchestra (ELO): Tightrope, Sweet Talking Woman, Turn to Stone, 
                    Livin´ Thing, Telephone Line, Rockaria, Confusion, Mr. Blue Ski, 
                    Midnight Blue, Wild West Hero.

BSO Rocky

Robert Tepper:  No easy way out
Vince Di Cola: Training Montage, War
Survivor : Burning Heart, Man Against the World, Eye of the Tiger
John Cafferty: Heart´s On Fire
Kenny Loggins & Gladys Knight : Double or Nothing


Camel: A nod and a wink, Fox hill, The Miller´s Tale, Squigely fair, Rajaz , Drafted, 
            Rose of Sharon, Ice, Stationary Traveller, Hymn to her
Alan Parsons Project: Armonia Avenue, Shadow of a lonely man, Silence and I,
             The eagly will rise again, The same old sun, Limelight, Don’t let it show, 
             The turn of a friendly card, Far away from home, Don´t let the moment pass
John Miles: Music
Pink Floyd: Confortably Numb, A great day for freedom, Take it back, One Slip, 
                  High Hopes
Supertramp: A Soap Box Opera, Two of us, Just a normal day, Hide in your shell
                   Even in the Quietest Moment, School,                    
Electric Light Orchestra (ELO): Secret Messages, Ticket to the Moon, 21st Century Man,
                      Twilight, Xanadu, So Serious, Calling America
POP, ROCK  80s, 90s

Mike Oldfield: To France, Mistake, Islands, Talk about your life, Innocent, Holy, 
                      See the light,  Blue Night
Bryan Adams: Summer of 69
Meat Loaf : I do anything for love
Elton John: The one,  Empty garden (hey, hey Johnny), The last song
Billy Joel : Leningrad, I go to extremes, Allentown, Goodnight Saigon, 
                She´s always a woman,  To make you feel my love
Cindy Lauper: Sally´s Pigeons, I´m gonna be strong, I drove all night
Dire Straits: Telegraph Road, Brothers in arms, You and your friend
Kate Bush: Wuthering Heights
Peter Gabriel: Don´t give up
Deacon Blue: Dignity
Tracy Chapman: Fast Car, Baby can I hold you, If not now
Abba: The Winner takes it all, One of Us
Bruce Springsteen: Thunder Road, Born to Run, Jungleland, Candy´s Room, Man´s Job,
                              My Beautiful Reward, No surrender, I wish I were blind
Annie Lenox: Love song for a vampire
Bangles: Manic Monday
Bee Gees: ESP , You win again
Gazebo: I like Chopin
Roger Hodgson: Had a Dream, Only Because of You
Metal·lica: Nothing else matters, One
AC/DC : Thunderstruck, Highway to hell, You shook me all night long
Fleetwood Mac: Isn´t it Midnight, Save me, Wish you were here, Straight Back, 
                         That´s Alright
Kiss : I was made for loving you 
Robbie Williams : Let me entertain you
Alice Cooper : Poison, School´s Out
Queen: Who wants to live forever?, Too much love will kill you, Innuendo,
           These are the days of our lifes, I´m going slighly mad, The Show must go on, 
Madonna: You´ll see, Oh father, Promise to try, Dear Jessie
Duran Duran: Hungry like the wolf, A view to kill, Ordinary World
The Cardigans : Carnival
Transmission Vamp : Baby, I don´t care


Big Rung : Sway
Taschmin Ascher : Sleeping Satellite
Faith Hill: This kiss
Jennifer Page: Crush
Kd. Lang: Constant Craving
Nicky Holland: I push don´t know what to do with you


Garbage: I think I´m paranoid, Push it, You look so fine, Stupid girl, when I grow up,
             Tell me where it hurts,  Temptation waits            

Nightwish: The Poet and the Pendulum, Amaranth, While your lips are still Red, 
               Sleeping Sun, Walking in the Air, Ghost Love Score, Storytime, The Crow, 
               The Owl  and The Dove, Scaratale, The Heart asks Pleasure First
Epica: Never Enough, Sensorium, Cry for the Moon, Feint, Run for a fall, Viality, 
          Tides of the time, White Waters, Solitary Ground, Trois Verges
Pendragon: Master of Illusion
Within Temptation: Memories, Stand my Ground, Pale, Somewhere, Utopia, Sinead
Sirenia: Sirens of the seven seas, Led Astray, The Lucid Door, Winterborn 77


Katie Melua: The flood, The closest thing to crazy, I´d love to Kill You, Red ballons, 
                    The House,  Gold in them  Hills, All over the world.
Sarah McLachlan: Sweet Surrender, Silence, Angel,  Good Enough, I love you
Dido: White Flags, Here with me, Look no further, The day before the day
Amy MacDonald: Mr. Rock and Roll
Susan Vega: The Queen and The Soldier
Sheryl Crow: I shall believe, My favourite mistake, Everyday is a Winding Road,
                    The First Cut is the Deepest, Soak up the sun, Sweet Child O´Mine
Agnes Obel: Close Watch, Just so, Avenue, Over the Hill
Russian Red: Cigarettes, Gone  play on,  Just Like a Wall, Kiss my Elbow, 
                    The Sun the Trees, Braver Soldier, My love is gone, January 14th
Amy MacDonald: Mr. Rock&Roll, Run, Don´t  tell me that is over, Love Love, 
                          An Ordinary Life, What happiness means to me
Aimee Mann: Wise Up, Invisible Ink

POP , ROCK actual

Muse: Resistance, Invincible, Neutron Star Collision
The Killers: Read my mind, Mr. Brightside, Somebody told me, Human
Brandon Flowers: Crossfire, Only the young
Coldplay: Speed of Sound
Madonna: American Life

Viva la música. VIVA LA VIDA

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